About us

Over the past four years, often attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of business has changed leading to the rise of small businesses (and startups) across the US. According to a SBA (Small Business Association) study, there are estimated to be 33 plus million small businesses today; which make up over 99 percent of all US businesses in 2022. The SBA’s Office of Advocacy reports that 46.4 percent of all private-sector workforce in the US in 2022 called small businesses their employers. These stats speak to the need for quality and specialized accounting, fractional CFO, and financial coaching services which will allow small businesses to grow and achieve their goals.

Hi, my name is Ruth Barasa, owner and founder of NaRfula Financial Solutions, a certified woman-owned and minority-owned company located in St. Louis, Missouri. My company offers accounting and financial solutions that cause businesses to succeed and grow. We do this by addressing the challenges, problems, and setbacks businesses face today. I am a seasoned accountant and CPA with over 25 years of hands-on accounting and financial tacit knowledge. 

At NaRfula Financial Solutions we package our services to custom-fit each client’s unique needs, ensuring that our clients’ businesses’ financial health is robust and reliable. Our accounting services include budget creation, cashflow & financial modeling, accounting consulting, accounting operations management, financial development and more. 

While we are happy to provide our services to any small business, our niche is the rapidly growing women-owned and women-managed small businesses; particularly those in the research-based, legal, technology, engineering, and medical industries. We also welcome government contracts. Our clients’ annual revenue ranges between $750K – $4M.

According to a 2020 released American Express study, women-owned businesses (estimated at 13 million) in the US, which make up 30 percent of all US firms, brought in approximately $1.5 trillion in revenue in 2019 and ensured 9.4 million people were employed. These numbers reflect the necessity and the positive economic impact that women-owned businesses play. The importance of small businesses coupled with the staggering muscle of women-owned businesses is why my company is focused on serving women-owned small businesses. As a woman business owner, I am confident that my company can help ensure the stability and growth of women-owned small businesses across the US.

If you are a small business, with annual revenue between $750K – $4M,  in need of solid accounting services, or a business owner or director in need of developing your business financial knowledge, please contact our office here at NaRfula Financial Solutions. We want to partner with you and bring good health back to your finances.