Starting a business, traveling for leisure, funding one’s education, and enjoying retirement all have something in common; they require money and strategic financial planning – which may include the help of a financial advisor.  However, to design a financial plan there has to be funds available; and this is where the need for a financial coach comes in to play. Majority of research studies conducted show that over 55 percent of American workers live paycheck to paycheck; which means that less than 1 in 2 working Americans has money to use in any financial planning project. You are probably thinking, what is the point of expecting to experience financial success and freedom when more than half the population is struggling? According to, Spectrem Group’s Market Insights Report 2020, there are approximately 12 million millionaire households in America. Yes, 12 million. It is important to know that only a fraction of those millionaires inherited the status; the rest worked to earn it.

Financial success is hard work, but it is doable and it always pays off when done correctly. Financial coaching is not about where to invest one’s money so that future dreams can be reached; that is financial planning. Financial coaching is about how to manage current cash streams so that one has money to financially plan and invest in tomorrow’s dreams today.

Trying to cross over a body of water using only stones and a log can be frightening. However, with experienced help and encouragement to show the way, that fear can be replaced with victory. At NaRfula Financial Solutions, we are dedicated in helping our clients experience victory by listening to their questions, sharing necessary information, and providing tailor-made coaching that will allow our clients to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and begin investing in their tomorrow’s dreams today.

Why NaRfula Financial Solutions?

What better place to get financial coaching from than an individual who understands money and numbers and is certified in accounting principles. Having over eighteen years of experience working with numbers as a CPA, I understand financial data and I am comfortable with many financial and accounting terms that can cause confusion or intimidate the average person.

I have also had the privilege of going through the highly recommended and well-taught Ramsey Financial Coach Training program. The wealth of knowledge obtained in the training is used in creating tailor-made coaching sessions for clients that help to discover and resolve each client’s personal financial bottlenecks.

Having grown up in a middle-class family, I learnt early in life the challenges that lack of money can cause; from lack of necessities, to struggling to stay in college. My parents tried the best they could to help me, but when it came to collegiate studies they reached a point where they could not assist any more. At the time, taking loans was not an option for me so I worked to pay my way through college. Learning to save what I made, so that I could pay my tuition, was not an easy lesson or choice to make as a young adult; but it paid off. In the years that followed when I had to take loans (for example; car loans and graduate school) I applied the same tools I had used as a graduate student to manage my cash. Those decisions I made have allowed me the right today to focus and invest in my future dreams. The lessons, tools, and information I have learnt in my life are what I bring into my meetings with my clients as I guide and cheer them into their financial freedom and success.

Benefits Of Financial Coaching

The benefits of financial coaching are numerous. Some, not all, of the benefits I work with my clients to see them achieve are:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Creating and successfully using budgets
  • College Planning
  • Understanding and choosing the right type of insurance
  • Planning for retirement

If you are struggling to make sound and lasting financial progress in your life, please give Ruth a call and let’s work together on helping you obtain financial freedom; it’s not a dream, it’s a possibility.