Fractional CFO Services

Fractional CFO Services

Here at NaRfula Financial Solutions, we tailor-package our services to fit our clients. The CFO services NaRfula Financial provides allow our clients to focus on building their businesses while we take care of their businesses’ financial health.

Having an understanding of the importance that financial data plays in the daily business decisions our clients make, we provide a range of services to ensure that the financial health of our clients’ businesses is robust and reliable to aid in their daily business operations.  The two main CFO accounting services we provide are described below. 

Budget Creation & Analysis Services

A budget is to a business what a heart is to a human – the life-line. While it is true that a budget is the life-line of a business, it is also true that budget creation can be challenging and time consuming. Like chess, the wrong move can hurt your business. At NaRfula Financial Solutions, we create budgets for our clients and provide monthly, quarterly, or annual budget analysis, which gives detailed understanding of the variances between actual results and budgeted projections. 

The analysis results are used by our clients to make pin-point and vital decisions that allow them to grow their businesses and make changes necessary to their operation processes.


Cashflow Forecasting & Monitoring Services

Third-party lenders, investors, and business owners take a keen look at the cash movement of businesses when making strategic financial decisions. This is because the flow of cash – both in and out – of a business directly impacts the business’ bottom-line.

NaRfula Financial Solutions offers cashflow forecasting and monitoring services to our clients which enables them to make well informed decisions.
This service includes:

  • Creation of  cash forecasts on a monthly or quarterly basis,
  • Regular monitoring of actual cash transactions versus forecasted transactions,
  • Regular communication with our clients on areas of concern and areas where we see opportunities.